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September 9, 2017
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CanadianPharmacyLink.com Pharmacy Review

To save or not to save money for drug therapy? – It’s not a question anymore. Nowadays, it is a thing everyone searches for.

We all want to get the same quality for less money.

Online pharmacies are the places where we can find a great solution to this issue.

Benefits of getting drugs from CanadianPharmacyLink.com

This online Canadian pharmacy has great offers for both brand and generic drugs.

No matter which you need or prefer, you can be sure that here you will find it at the best price. Besides, they provide a very vast choice in all drug categories.

You can order OTC drugs without a prescription, yet they do ask for a prescription, if the drug you need is sold by prescription only.

However, it is simple to provide it. You can e-mail it, mail it or fax it.

Prices and savings

Before we proceeded with an order or e-mailed our prescription, we wanted to know how much exactly does CanadianPharmacyLink.com let you save for your purchases.

We found the drug we need is included in the list of popular drugs people buy, and here are the prices for other drugs that are also enlisted there: Celebrex 200 mg for $0.49, Nolvadex 10 mg for $0.47, Lipitor for $0.92, Singulair 10 mg for 1.21, Lexapro for $ 0.74, Nexium 20 mg for 0.48.

Of course, these are prices for the generics of these drugs, and it’s a well-known fact that generics contain the same active substances that the brand drugs do.

However, if you want to get only the brand drug, you will also save money, since prices for these are also a lot cheaper than our local drugstore has to offer.


By the way, while looking through the Shipping policy of CanadianPharmacyLink.com, we found out they will substitute U.S. approved generic drugs for brand name drugs when these are available, unless your U.S. physician indicates on the prescription that no substitutions are allowed, or unless you yourself indicate that you do not want any substitutions made.

So make sure you don’t forget about this when placing your order.

As for the delivery itself, it is chargeable, and the fee is $9.95 for an order.

Since you can place many drugs in one and the same order, this can help you save some more money.

We got our drug in just 3 weeks, which we don’t consider to be too fast or too long to wait.

What drugs they deliver

Before we finalized our order, we called the toll-free number of CanadianPharmacyLink.com and asked them about the drugs they deliver.

We found out that the drugs they provide come from their affiliated pharmacies all over the world, not just the Canadian ones.

We also find out we can save on our next delivery, if we refer a friend to CanadianPharmacyLink.com.

We’ll see if it works next time we place an order with them.

And we certainly will, since they provide very low prices for high-quality drugs and a fast delivery.

A very customer-oriented place, which is very welcoming to anyone who decides placing an order.

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