January 3, 2017
January 3, 2017
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Brand Names: Qudexy XR, Topamax, Topamax Sprinkle

Generic Name: Topiramate

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How Topamax Works and Who Should Take It

When people have seizures, they should know how to control and prevent this medical condition, and that’s why they start taking Topamax. In other cases this medicine is taken to prevent migraines and reduce their frequency, and it belongs to the group of drugs called antiepileptic and anticonvulsant.

Patients need to take it orally twice a day, and it’s advisable to drink enough water to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Their regular doses are based on weight, and this treatment can be started with taking one pill at bedtime for certain health conditions.

Potential Adverse Effects

The intake of Topamax may lead to specific side effects, such as the following:

  • Drowsiness and tiredness;
  • Diarrhea and dizziness;
  • Loss of coordination;
  • Sudden weight loss;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Tingling in feet and hands;
  • Bad taste in the mouth.

Sometimes, patients develop unusual mental problems, including slowed thinking, confusion, memory difficulties, problems with attention and concentration, nervousness and so on.

A few users report such serious symptoms as signs of having kidney stones characterized with chills, severe side pain, painful urination, pink urine, etc.

Some people who take Topamax to treat any medical condition may end up with suicidal ideas and attempts, depression and other mood and mental issues.

Other serious symptoms associated with its intake include fast breathing, irregular heartbeats, broken bones, bone pain and loss of consciousness. This medicine may result in eye problems, metabolic complications and allergic reactions, too.

Precautions when Taking Topamax

Before people decide to use this medication, they need to consult doctors, especially if they have any allergies and such health conditions as eye problems, kidney and liver disorders, mood and mental changes, breathing and lung issues, metabolic imbalance, severe diarrhea, diets low in carbs and high in fat, brittle bones and others.

Besides, patients should understand that Topamax may make them feel drowsy and dizzy while impairing their clear judgement, so they shouldn’t drive or do other things that require alertness.

They also need to avoid drinking alcohol when taking this drug and stay away from activities that lead to overheating. Minors and older patients are more prone to having side effects, so they should be monitored by their physicians when undergoing this treatment.

Drug Combinations to Avoid

The intake of Topamax may result in changes of the effectiveness of hormonal birth control pills, so people need to use extra methods. It shouldn’t be combined with antihistamines, pain killers, muscle relaxants, alcoholic beverages, pills for anxiety and sleep and other meds that result in drowsiness.

That’s why it’s required to make a list of other pills that they’re taking to discuss their pros and cons when combined with Topamax, and patients also need to read labels.