Stop Smoking

Specific medications can help people quit smoking when they’re taken correctly. First, it’s advisable to treat nicotine replacement meds, but patients aren’t allowed to keep smoking while undergoing this treatment, because this combination is dangerous for their health.

There are effective nicotine lozenges and chewing gums, and they’re easily available in drug stores without a prescription.

Besides, there are special nicotine patches used by people to stop smoking, and their use also doesn’t require any prescription.

They are available in a variety of strengths and brands, so it’s necessary to read the label to define the right one. The use of these patches rarely causes different side effects, and this is when patients need to change their location.

Nicotine sprays also prove to be effective for quitting smoking, but their purchase always requires doctor’s prescription.

Their use may cause such unwanted symptoms as watery eyes and runny nose, and it may take up to 6 months to get their full benefits.

Finally, there are many non-nicotine prescription drugs taken by people to stop smoking, but only expert doctors can choose the best one for each patient.

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