December 24, 2016
December 24, 2016
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Brand Names: alli, Xenical

Generic Name: Orlistat

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Xenical to Help Manage Weight

Xenical is a truly innovative and effective treatment that helps you achieve the desirable effect in losing weight. The active ingredient of the drug, Orlistat, blocks the fat you consume, preventing its absorption by the body.

Thus, Xenical features effective weight loss properties that help reduce excess weight and prevent its further regaining. The treatment is available for adult use only.

Additionally, the drug serves only a part of the whole treatment that also presupposes a low-calorie diet and regular exercising. Ask your doctor for more details concerning Xenical use.

Key Points about Xenical to Be Aware of

While the medication promotes a drastic and significant impact on the organism, it can trigger undesirable reactions if misused or overused. Do not start Xenical course in case you are sensitive to Orlistat or have any of the following problems:

  • Chronic malapsorption syndrome;
  • Gallbladder disorders;
  • Pregnancy and lactation, etc.

To make sure the treatment is completely safe with other health disorders you have, tell your doctor about the following issues, including:

  • Underactive thyroid;
  • Liver or kidney problems;
  • Kidney or gallbladder stones;
  • Diabetes of any type;
  • Pancreatitis;
  • Bulimia, anorexia or any other eating disorder and others.

The drug can affect the health of unborn and nursing children, thus, avoid its administration during pregnancy and lactation. Besides, Xenical can decrease vitamins absorption, required for healthy functioning of your and your child’s organism.

Successful Xenical Treatment: Recommendations for Use and Doses

Using Xenical in proper doses and strictly following safety recommendations will increase your chances of positive results occurrence.

Never increase or decrease the prescribed dose to avoid Orlistat overuse or misuse. Take the medication for the full duration of the medication course.

The drug should be administered three times a day with meals containing fat. Once you skip a fat-containing meal, you should also miss Xenical intake.

Keep in mind that a healthy diet and regular workouts are inevitable for a positive effect. An average Xenical dose, required for a safe and impressive effect is 120 mg Xenical used three times each day with every main meal.

Xenical Interactions and Side Effects

Certain medications can decrease Xenical effect or even activate undesirable reactions. Avoid Xenical combinations with:

  • Seizure treatments;
  • Warfarin;
  • Oral diabetes drugs;
  • Amiodarone;
  • Mineral supplements or vitamins containing vitamin E or beta carotene, etc.

Such interactions, as well as other Xenical misuses can trigger unwanted side effects.

The most devastating of them are allergic reactions, problems with urination, lower back pain, kidney and liver disorders, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain and discomfort, swelling, insomnia, fatigue, jaundice and others. Seek medical assistance if any of the symptoms have occurred after Xenical intake.