December 24, 2016
December 24, 2016
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Brand Names: Premarin

Generic Name: Conjugated estrogens

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Correct Intake and Effects of Premarin

Premarin belongs to conjugated estrogens, so it’s a combination of different estrogens derived from natural sources and mixed.

The main ingredients of this medicine include estrogen salts, and estrogen belongs to important female hormones, so they are mainly taken to treat menopause symptoms and estrogen deficiency conditions.

Basically, estrogens have different positive effects on many body tissues, including the development and growth of female organs and improving sexual characteristics, such as body contours.

Why Doctors Prescribe Premarin

This medication is often used to treat such unwanted symptoms of menopause as vaginal dryness, hot flashes and others.

Premarin is a good choice when it comes to therapy if the human body doesn’t produce enough estrogen for some reasons, such as removal of ovaries, hypogonadism and ovarian failure. Sometimes, this medication is taken to treat prostate cancer in men and breast cancer with metastases in women.

Possible Side Effects

In some cases, the intake of Premarin may result in experiencing such unwanted symptoms as:

  • Unusual nervousness;
  • Mild headaches;
  • Abdominal, joint, and back pain;
  • Nausea and vaginal bleeding;
  • Vaginal spotting and breast pain;
  • Loss of periods or prolonged periods;
  • Sudden changes in sexual drive.

This medication may have unwanted effects on patients’ skin, including melisma, rash and others. The use of Premarin may lead to intolerance to lenses, and it may also result in hypercalcemia in those patients who have already had bone or breast cancer.

In rare cases, patients may experience the increase in their triglyceride levels and blood pressure.

The intake of all estrogens is responsible for developing edema, so patients with heart or kidney problems who need to take Premarin should be careful and monitored by their doctors when undergoing this treatment.

Available Doses and Forms

This medication can be found in pharmacies in the form of injections, vaginal creams and standard pills that come in different strengths.

To determine the right dosage, patients should visit their doctors, and their initial dose should be minimal to lower the risk of possible side effects.

To treat the symptoms of menopause, it’s advisable to take 0.3 mg on a daily basis, and it can be increased according to individual response to this treatment.

For patients with hypogonadism, it’s necessary to take Premarin cyclically, starting from 0.3 mg a day. Those women whose ovaries were removed or who are diagnosed with ovarian failure need to take 1.25 mg on a daily basis.

Unwanted Drug Interactions

Premarin shouldn’t be combined with some meds because of negative effects, and their list includes Warfarin, barbiturates, pills for blood clots, Tegretol, Rifadin and others.

Finally, grapefruit juice is also responsible for altering estrogen levels by increasing their absorption, so patients should avoid drinking it.