Anti Herpes

Unfortunately, there is no available cure for different HSV infections, but you can benefit from a range of effective treatment options discussed below. Doctors prescribe their patients with 3 types of antiviral medications approved by the FDA to treat herpes.

Acyclovir. It’s the oldest and most popular antiviral medicine to treat this condition, and its use proves to be quite effective and safe in patients who have taken it for many years.

Valacyclovir. It’s a newer medication that contains acyclovir as its active component. However, the main difference is that it delivers this ingredient in a more effective manner, thus, helping the human body absorb it faster and better. That’s why this drug is often chosen by those patients who need to take it a few times a day.

Famciclovir. This medicine contains penciclovir as its main ingredient that works by stopping herpes from replicating. Just like valacyclovir, this drug is well-absorbed by the body, so it remains in it for a longer period of time. You can take Famciclovir less frequently than other available anti-herpes tablets.

Effective antiviral medications are often prescribed to patients when they have the first episodes of herpes.

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