January 29, 2017
January 29, 2017
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Brand Name: Dual Action Complete, Pepcid Complete

Generic Name: Famotidine

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Basic Facts about the Intake of Pepcid

Many patients start taking Pepcid to treat ulcers of their intestines and stomach. Besides, this medication should be used to prevent this health condition from returning and treat specific throat or stomach issues caused by having too much acid, including erosive esophagitis.

Basically, Pepcid belongs to H2 histamine blockers, and it works by decreasing the acid amount in the stomach.

This is what helps people treat and prevent ulcers while improving a set of unwanted symptoms, like stomach pain and heartburn.

Basic Guidelines on the Right Intake

People need to take Pepcid orally either with or without their regular meals, usually twice or only once a day. If they’re prescribed to take it once a day, patients need to use this medication at their bedtime.

The length and dose of this treatment always depend on their health conditions and individual response. When it comes to minor patients, their regular doses depend on body weight.

For example, if you want to take Pepcid to treat heartburn or acid indigestion, it’s necessary to take one pill with a full glass of water, but it’s not allowed to take more than 2 pills per day.

Patients shouldn’t use this medication for more than 2 weeks without consulting their physicians.

Range of Possible Side Effects

There are certain side effects that can be caused by the use of Pepcid, including:

  • Dizziness and constipation;
  • Headaches and diarrhea;
  • Easy bleeding and bruising;
  • New signs of infection;
  • Irregular or fast heartbeats;
  • Unusual mood and mental changes;
  • Seizure;
  • Allergic reactions.

The good news is that these negative symptoms are quite rare, so most patients undergo this treatment without any discomfort.

Precautions People Need to Mind

Before taking Pepcid, it’s necessary to visit doctors and tell them everything about your medical history, especially if you have any allergies, kidney problems, immune system conditions, liver complications, lung diseases, stomach issues and so on.

This medicine may make some patients feel dizzy, so that it’s not advisable to drive or do other things that require their full alertness.

Different alcoholic beverages must be limited, and older patients are more prone to developing unwanted side effects, especially when it comes to confusion.

During breastfeeding and pregnancy, Pepcid is not recommended to be used by patients.

Dangerous Drug Combinations with Pepcid

Certain drug combinations may change the way this medicine works and increase the risk of having serious adverse effects, so they should be avoided at all costs.

Some of the most common meds that lead to these negative effects include specific azole antifungals, dasatinib, atazanavir, delavirdine, other NSAIDs, aspirin, H2 histamine blockers and some others.

That’s why patients always need to make a list of all the other pills they’re taking and show it to their doctors to discuss possible health risks and drug interactions.