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April 14, 2017
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Brand name: Crestor

Generic name: Rosuvastatin

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Crestor – Revolutionary Solution of Conditions Related to Increased Cholesterol Level

Crestor is classified as a potential HMG CoA reductase inhibitor, the active ingredients of which balance cholesterol level, improving serious related disorders.

Rosuvastatin, the main component of the drug, decreases the amount of low-density lipoprotein and triglycerides in the body, simultaneously increasing the count of high-density lipoprotein.

Consequently, the medication possesses the properties, necessary to treat high cholesterol and triglyceride level in children above 8 years old and adults.

Additionally, the medication reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke occurrence, as well as other heart-related impairment, especially in patients diagnosed with coronary heart disease, diabetes and other complications.

Issues You Need to Know before Crestor Administration: Contraindications, Precautions and Warnings

Talk to your healthcare specialist before you start Crestor therapy. Make sure you do not meet any contraindications and other health complications you have will not interact with the drug.

Crestor should not be administered by patients, who are allergic to its formula.

Additionally, pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as people affected by severe liver disorders cannot take Crestor safely.

Moreover, it is inevitable to provide the doctor with a complete list of illnesses and diseases you have before the start of the therapy.

Pay attention to:

  • Thyroid disorders;
  • Diabetes;
  • Liver or kidney dysfunctions or their history;
  • Alcohol or drug addiction, etc.
Crestor with Other Medications

Certain medications, taken together with Crestor may activate dangerous reactions and lead to severe health problems.

Thus, warn your medical professional about all the other prescription and non-prescription remedies, minerals, vitamins, herbal supplements and pharmaceutical products that may interact with Crestor, including:

  • Antifungals;
  • Niacin containing drugs;
  • Cholesterol medications;
  • Antiviral remedies;
  • Blood thinners;
  • Statin treatments;
  • Cyclosporine;
  • Colchicine and others
Using Crestor for Safe and Beneficial Effect

Take Crestor just as recommended in the safety leaflet and prescribed by the doctor.

Never change the adjusted dose, length of the treatment course or other specifications. The instructions for the drug intake are individually adjusted for each single patient.

However, commonly, the treatment should be administered once daily, with or without food. Try to administer the remedy at approximately the same time every day. Frequent medical tests may be required during the medication use.

An average Crestor dose may vary from 5 mg up to 40 mg daily, depending on the circumstances.

Continue using the drug, even though the symptoms of the disorder may improve earlier.

Your healthcare provider may occasionally advise you to stop Crestor intake if you have noticed dangerously low blood pressure, electrolyte imbalance, severe seizures, etc.

Mind that Crestor serves only a part of complete therapy that also presupposes exercise, a balanced diet and constant weight control.

Crestor Side Effects and Possible Complications

Seek emergency medical assistance if Crestor use is accompanied by serious allergic reactions or other abnormalities, such as:

  • Memory disorders;
  • Liver impairments;
  • Confusion, hallucinations;
  • Symptoms of kidney disorders;
  • Stomach discomfort, nausea, vomiting;
  • Headache, fatigue and others.