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January 29, 2017
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Brand Name: Arcoxia

Generic Name: Etoricoxib

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Arcoxia Questions and Answers

Before buying Arcoxia, consumes should understand that this medicine contains Etoricoxib as its active ingredient, and it belongs to the drugs called NSAIDs. Basically, there are some questions that should be answered to take it correctly.

Why Is It Prescribed?

Arcoxia is taken by many patients to relieve pain and inflammation in such medical conditions as:

  • Acute gout;
  • Osteoarthritis;
  • Dental surgery;
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.
How Does It Work?

This medication belongs to NSAIDs that work by blocking the action of cyclo-oxygenase, a special substance involved in production of prostaglandins in response to specific diseases or injuries. Prostaglandins are chemicals responsible for causing inflammation, swelling and pain.

This means that Arcoxia is effective in relieving these annoying and painful symptoms.

How Should You Take This Medication?

It’s necessary to take Arcoxia only once a day, and the right dose is always prescribed based on a particular medical condition that must be treated and other important factors.

Patients can take it either with or without meals, but this medicine usually starts working faster when it’s combined with food. When treating acute pain associated with gout, patients are not allowed to take it for longer than 1 week.

Besides, if they want to relieve pain after dental surgeries, it’s not advisable to use Arcoxia for longer than a few days.

Which Things Do You Need to Know Before Starting This Treatment?

First, this medication may cause such side effects as dizziness and fatigue, so patients should be careful when performing potentially dangerous activities, including driving.

In rare cases, Arcoxia and other NSAIDs may lead to severe adverse effects, including bleeding and ulceration. This negative effect is most likely to be present in older patients and people who take high doses of the medicine.

Moreover, Arcoxia may result in an increased risk of having heart complications.

If patients have specific risk factors, including high cholesterol levels, diabetes and others, they should be careful with this medicine.
It’s necessary to monitor their blood pressure on a regular basis, especially at the very beginning.

When patients develop any health problems with their liver, kidneys or heart, they should turn to their doctors immediately.

When it comes to any long-term treatment, doctors prefer taking blood tests regularly to monitor the health condition of their patients.

What Are Important Precautions?

Arcoxia should be taken carefully by:

  • Older patients;
  • People with reduced liver and kidney functions;
  • People with specific disorders that affect their intestines and stomach;
  • Users with such medical conditions as dehydration and liver cirrhosis, hypertension and edema;
  • Smokers;
  • Patients who have heart problems and diabetes;
  • People with high cholesterol levels and allergies to medications.

Discuss all the possible dangers with your physician before you take it.