Alcoholism is often called alcohol use disorder or alcohol dependence, and this condition happens when patients drink a lot, so that their bodies become dependent on this substance. Available treatments for this disease vary, and every method is designed to help people stop drinking.

They may occur in specific stages, including detoxification, rehabilitation, counseling, support groups and medical treatments.

There are many medications that help patients with their alcohol addiction. For example, doctors often prescribe Naltrexone, and this medicine is taken only after people have already detoxed from alcohol. It works by blocking specific brain receptors associated with feeling the alcoholic high.

This medication is used with counseling to help patients reduce their craving for alcohol.

Acamprosate is another medicine that can help them re-establish the original state of the brain before developing alcohol dependence, and its use also needs to be combined with effective therapies.

Antabuse is an efficient medicine that results in physical discomfort each time when users drink alcoholic beverages. There are other pills that can help them treat alcoholism.

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