December 24, 2016
December 24, 2016
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Brand Names: Flomax
Generic Name: Tamsulosin

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Flomax to Improve Signs of Enlarged Prostate

Flomax belongs to a group of alpha-blockers. Being an effective medication and containing Tamsulosin as an active ingredient, the drug works relaxing the bladder neck and prostate muscles, helping men to urinate.

Originally, Flomax is used to balance urination disorders in people affected by benign prostatic hyperplasia. The treatment is approved for male use only, thus, no children and women are allowed to use the medication.

Flomax Contraindications, Precautions and Warnings

Once you have decided to start Flomax treatment course, you should consult your doctor first. The medication should not be administered by people who:

  • Are younger than 18 years old;
  • Are allergic to Tamsulosin;
  • Take other drugs that may interact with Flomax, etc.

Warn your healthcare provider about other illnesses and health impairments you have. Pay due attention to kidney and liver disorders, decreased blood pressure, prostate cancer or its history and other complications.

Recommendations for Safe Flomax Use and Doses

Flomax should be used strictly following doctor’s prescription and safety recommendations. Never increase or decrease the adjusted dose or duration of the treatment course. Your physician may change the dose in order to achieve the maximal possible results.

Flomax is an oral remedy that should be taken daily, around 30-40 minutes after a meal. It is advisable to use the medication at the same time every day. Never break, crush or chew Flomax capsule to avoid overdose.
The treatment can decrease blood pressure and cause other complications in case you stop its intake suddenly. Your doctor may require your blood pressure to be checked rather often.

Extra medical tests for prostate cancer will also be necessary during Flomax intake.

Once you have missed a medication dose, you should take it as soon as possible. However, skip it in case the following dose should be administered in a short while. Never double Flomax dose to warn dangerous complications.
Despite the medication dose is adjusted individually, the common Flomax dose ranges from 0.4 mg to 0.8 mg daily.

Flomax Interactions and Their Outcomes

The medication may interact with a range of other drugs, so you should also tell your doctor about the pharmaceuticals you are using. Blood pressure medications should never be used together with Flomax since it can trigger extremely low blood pressure that can be life-threatening.
Seek emergency medical assistance in case Flomax intake resulted in occurrence of severe complications, especially:

  • Allergic reactions;
  • Dangerous skin reactions;
  • Confusion, lightheadedness;
  • Priapism;
  • Ejaculation disorders;
  • Decreased libido and sexual drive;
  • Severe headache, angina;
  • Drowsiness, dizziness, fatigue, weakness;
  • Nausea, vomiting, stomach discomfort and pain;
  • Vision disorders;
  • Cold or flu symptoms, high fever;
  • Back pain;
  • Insomnia and others.