December 4, 2016
December 12, 2016
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Brand Names: SEROquel, SEROquel XR

Generic Name: Quetiapine

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Forget about Schizophrenia, Manic Depression and Related Conditions with Seroquel

Being an innovative antipsychotic remedy, Seroquel changes the action of brain chemicals balancing the disorders. As a result, the drug produces great effects on such conditions, as bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, depression and other complications.

The medication serves only a part of complete therapy that presupposes qualified psychological help and other issues. Seroquel can sometimes be combined with antidepressants in order to get advanced action and boosted results.

The treatment should not be given to patients younger than 10 years old.

Using Seroquel Right: Recommendations and Instructions

Consult your healthcare provider before Seroquel course. Avoid changing Seroquel dose, duration of the treatment course or other adjustments. Severe, irreversible complications may occur in case of drug overuse.

Follow the prescription and safety recommendations for a successful and effective treatment course.

The medication is advised for daily use. Take each pill with a full glass of water, with or without food. Seroquel may affect blood sugar level, so frequent blood sugar checks are required during the treatment course (if you suffer from diabetes).

Sudden stopping of Seroquel treatment course may activate unwanted withdrawal reactions and condition aggravation.

Seroquel Doses and Intakes

The medication dose is one of the crucial factors that determine effectiveness and safety of the treatment course. Despite Seroquel dose will differ enormously, depending on individual peculiarities of your health condition, an average dose also varies basing on the treated condition and includes the following:
Seroquel dose to improve the signs of schizophrenia: 25 mg is an average dose that should be administered twice a day for a positive effect.

  • The dose can be increased up to 800 mg daily in rare cases of severe complications;
  • Treating bipolar disorders the dose can range from 50 mg to 800 mg a day;
  • Elimination of depression symptoms can be possible with the initial dose of 50 mg. However, further on the dose can be increased up to 300 mg.
Things to Consider before Seroquel Treatment Course

Do not start Seroquel treatment course if you are allergic to its components, are pregnant or breastfeeding or do not meet age requirements. Additionally, it is essential to warn the doctor about all the illnesses and health complications you have, especially:

    • Cataract;
    • Heart disorders;
    • Kidney or liver problems;
    • Seizures;
    • Uncontrolled blood pressure;
    • Increased cholesterol level and others


Seroquel Side Effects

Seroquel misuse and overuse can result in dangerous health abnormalities and bothersome reactions, including allergies, aggressiveness, irritation, symptoms of central nervous system reaction, lightheadedness, vision problems, increased blood sugar level, weakness, fatigue and others.