Erectile Dysfunction

ED is a common condition among men that appears more and more often nowadays.

The reasons are numerous, both psychological and physical, starting with constant stress at work or at home and finishing with certain underlying conditions, e.g. high blood pressure.

Sometimes to get rid of impotence men have to change their lifestyle: keep to a healthy diet, do regular exercises, enjoy life and avoid stress. However, in some cases the intake of medications is inevitable.

The FDA approved a range of drugs to treat erectile dysfunction, and they include the following:

Besides that, there are many generic ED medications that are also successfully used to get rid of this annoying and devastating condition.

Generally, generic drugs do not differ from the brand ones, except for their prices, dosage and sometimes in how long they work and how quickly they start being effective.

Before opting for the chosen drug, remember that it is necessary to consult a medical professional to find out the causes of erectile dysfunction and find the solution to this health problem.

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