January 29, 2017
March 1, 2017
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Brand name: Singulair

Generic name: Montelukast

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Warn Asthma Attacks with Singulair

Being a revolutionary treatment, Singulair belongs to a group of leukotrienes inhibitors. Leukotrienes are the nasty chemicals produced in the organism that are released the moment you breathe in the allergens.

The result of such chemical production is lungs swelling and breathing complications. Additionally, the condition aggravation leads to dangerous asthma attacks.

Montelukast, an active component of Singulair, can prevent undesirable reactions and asthma attacks. The treatment can be used by anyone older than 1. Besides, the drug is taken by people, who suffer from exercise-included bronchospasms.

The symptoms of seasonal and year-round allergies can be easily treated with Singulair. Keep in mind the powerful influence the treatment produces on the organism.

Never administer Singulair without previous doctor’s consultation.

Experiencing Positive Results from Singulair Treatment Course: Recommendations for Use and Dosing Information

If you want to experience the best Singulair effects possible, you should talk to the doctor before you start the medication course. Inform your medical professional about all the health disorders you have and pharmaceuticals you take and get proper dose adjustment and optimal duration of the medication course.

An average Singulair dose will depend on the age of the patient, his/her condition and its severity, ranging from 4 mg to 10 mg daily. Follow the directions and benefit from a drastic positive impact.

Never increase or double the dose, even if the prescribed one seems ineffective.

Keep using the treatment for the full length of the course, since it may take up to a few weeks for Singulair to trigger the necessary improvements.

Administer the medication once a day, preferably in the evening to warn the symptoms of allergy and prevent asthma attacks.

Singulair will not work fast enough during asthma attack, as it is not aimed at rapid asthma treatment.

Most commonly, asthma is treated using a mix of diverse pharmaceuticals, with Singulair being only one of them.

Singulair Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions

Singulair may launch undesirable reactions if it is used by patients who are contraindicated for the drug intake. The treatment should never be administered by patients, who:

  • Are allergic to Montelukast;
  • Have a history of dangerous allergic reaction to medications or foods;
  • Are less than 1 year old;
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Additionally, provide your doctor with detailed information about similar diseases and health concerns that may change the route of Singulair treatment course.

Side Effects and Other Results of Drug Misuse

Seek emergency medical help if you have got any signs of Singulair misuse or overuse, including:

  • Allergic reactions;
  • Severe skin reactions;
  • Sudden behavior or mood changes;
  • Muscle pain and weakness;
  • Swelling of diverse body parts, etc.