Antibiotics are the medications taken to treat a range of infections caused by harmful germs, such as certain parasites and bacteria. It means that they aren’t effective against the infections caused by viruses.

At present, you can find a variety of antibiotics in the market, and they are available in different forms and brand names.

They are classified based on their mechanism of action, because each type of these drugs works against only specific parasites or bacteria.

That’s why different antibiotics must be taken to treat different infection types.

For instance, the most common types of these meds include the following:

  • Penicillins, such as Amoxicillin, flucloxacillin and others;
  • Tetracyclines, including Doxycycline, Tetracycline and lymecycline;
  • Cephalosporins, like cephalexin and cefaclor;
  • Macrolides that include Azithromycin and Erythromycin;
  • Tinidazole and Metronidazole;
  • Clindamycin;
  • Aminoglycosides, like tobramycin;
  • Quinolones, such as Levofloxacin and Ciprofloxacin;
  • Trimethoprim and sulfonamides.

Besides, there are other types of antibiotics that can be prescribed by doctors to treat some rare infection types, including tuberculosis.

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