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Brand name: Lamisil

Generic name: Terbinafine

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Lamisil to Treat Infectious Disorders

Lamisil is a time-tested medication that features drastic antifungal properties.

Terbinafine, the active ingredient of the drug, promotes a devastating effect on the source of the infection, eliminating its symptoms and improving the overall condition.

The treatment is aimed at significant improvement of infectious disorders activated by fungus.

Considering the produced effect, Lamisil is prescribed in cases when fungus hits toenails and fingernails.

Oral granules of Lamisil can treat the conditions related to scalp hair follicles, especially in children above 4 years old. Talk to your healthcare specialist about off-label Lamisil use, if it is possible.

Instructions for Safe Lamisil Use

It is important to administer Lamisil strictly in accordance with the prescription and instructions mentioned in the information leaflet.

Any drug misuse or overuse will stimulate the appearance of serious reactions.

Take Lamisil as recommended. The medication can be used with or without food, but with much water. Lamisil granules should be used following special instructions provided by the doctor.

To improve fingernail and scalp infection, the medication should be used for up to 6 weeks, while 12 weeks will be necessary to decrease the symptoms of toenail infection.

Keep using Lamisil for the full duration of the therapy, even if the symptoms seem to improve. Skipping doses may boost the risk of further antifungal resistance of the body, as well as decreased effect.

Keep in mind that the remedy will not treat viral infections. Your healthcare provider may recommend frequent blood tests during Lamisil intake.

How to Take Lamisil and Benefit from Maximal Positive Effect: Contraindications, Precautions and Warnings

Discuss Lamisil therapy with your doctor to guarantee 100% flawless treatment course.

Striving to eliminate adverse reactions and dangerous abnormalities, you should inform the physician about all the diseases, health issues and complications you have, especially:

  • Depression, anxiety or similar disorders;
  • Liver impairments;
  • Weak immune system;
  • Psoriasis, lupus or other autoimmune disorders.

Lamisil should not be administered by patients, who are sensitive to its active ingredients, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Make sure your healthcare specialist is aware of all the disadvantages of your health condition before he/she prescribed Lamisil therapy.

Certain prescription and generic treatments, pharmaceutical supplements, herbal products, vitamins and minerals can interfere with Lamisil, triggering devastating misuse reactions.

To avoid such circumstances, tell your doctor about the drugs you are currently using.

Sudden stop of Lamisil administration may activate serious withdrawal reactions. Report any complications during the treatment course to your medical assistant.

Lamisil Misuse and Its Consequences

Despite Lamisil is a safe and effective drug, it can cause undesirable reactions, if misused or overused.

Call your healthcare provider if common side effects, such as stuffy nose, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach discomfort and others get bothersome.

Additionally, request medical assistance if you have got more serious issues, including:

  • Reasonless weight loss;
  • Serious skin reactions;
  • Flu or cold symptoms;
  • Insomnia, depression, anxiety;
  • Breathing disorders;
  • Angina, urination problems, etc.

Seek medical help if any symptoms of allergic reactions have occurred during Lamisil intake.