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August 22, 2017
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AffordableDrugs.com Pharmacy Review

Some people prefer buying things they like immediately.

Others, on the contrary, prefer spending more time on choosing the shop and are trying to find the best price offers. Some people never even think of ordering anything via the Internet, while others prefer namely this kind of shopping therapy.

We will not discuss, which of these people are right in their choice, and which should change their opinion.

Yet we can firmly state that we belong to the category of people, who like to make their life easier and always aim for saving money, no matter what they need to buy.

Huge advantage

Having said so, we definitely should mention that we only buy from certified and responsible sellers.

It is especially important, when you are considering the idea of filling your prescription. Medications always should be of the top quality, so that you don’t have to pay even more to make up for the damage you bring to your health by using low quality drugs.

Searching for a certified Canadian pharmacy, we, of course, started from checking out the list of CIPA certified online drugstores.

The list is huge, so we closed our eyes and chosen a domain randomly. AffordableDrugs.com is the one we hit, and we found it to be a great advantage of this online pharmacy to be included in the list of certified online drugstores.

Why we stopped at affordabledrugs.com?

The atmosphere that the website of Affordabledrugs.com creates is very welcoming.

We immediately noticed that they have several interesting and quite convenient services, like low price guarantee, free refill reminders and, of course, fast delivery.

Besides, they provide several options for orders placement, so the choice is up to you.

Whether you find it more convenient to order by phone or via the website, or by mailing/faxing your order.

We decided to use the Order Online option and continued exploring this online pharmacy.


The thing that always attracts the views of all customers is the price offers. We thought it would logic to learn the prices for drugs that are this pharmacy’s bestsellers.

Here, we were promised they will sell us Cialis 20 mg for 10.8 per pill, Viagra 100 mg for 11.87 per pill, Zetia 10 mg for 2.23 per pill, Celebrex 200 mg for 1.22 per pill.

If you don’t have an insurance, or your insurance doesn’t cover your drug cost, such low prices for brand drugs can help you begin and complete your treatment course with lower expenses.

If you aim for more savings on your treatment, make sure you familiarize yourself with generic versions of the drugs. These are even cheaper.


Just like any other pharmacy or online pharmacy, Affordabledrugs.com have even lower price offers for you, if you buy drugs in larger amounts.

In fact, we managed to save quite a lot by ordering the highest number of pills we needed. Thus, we provided ourselves with a good stock of drug and saved more.


Since the total amount of our order exceeded $100, we also got a free shipping. Proceeding further with the order placement, we were warned that they will re-ship or refund our order, if it doesn’t arrive in 21 days.

Such a pleasant guarantee that makes you feel sure you will get your drug anyway.


We didn’t have to wait 21 days and received our order in 11 days.

Not too fast, yet not too much time to wait either. Please note that you will be charged $ 10 for the delivery, if you pay less than $100 for your order. Consider ordering more drugs at once to save shipping cost.

All these money saving options and high quality of drugs we received turned Affordabledrugs.com into our favorite place to order medicines.

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