May 15, 2017
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May 18, 2017

AllDayChemist Pharmacy Review

Not a single health condition should go untreated because of high treatment costs. That’s my motto for life from now on.

I know several men, who had their relationships, families broken because of expensive treatment for their sexual problems, and I know people, who had to sell their cars to continue their treatment for some serious conditions.

Always feared of getting into the same situation, and once it happened, I knew I have to find another solution, the one that will help me save my sexual relationship with my wife and won’t burry our family budget.

What is that magic place we all turn to when we need to find anything?

The Internet, of course. I had a problem and started searching for solutions over the Internet, like we all do. Prices for brand Viagra were scary. We are an active couple, so I would be throwing a fortune for it.

Why generics are so good, and what I learnt about

You can easily find all the info about generic drugs at AllDayChemist and discuss the possibility of using them as your treatment with your physician. That was my strategy and it turned out there is no difference between them and the brand drugs.

If there is no difference, why pay more?

Not a single reason, especially that your physician approves. He gave me a prescription, which was the right thing to do, since I needed it to get my order from

I scanned it and sent by e-mail. They also allow sending it by fax, so choose whenever is convenient for you.

User-friendly website options

One more thing that adds up the convenience is the Compare section. You can just find drugs you need and add them to compare and check which has the best value. I did it, and figured I could save even more.

They provide double pills offer, which is very beneficial.

I noticed you can search for the drug you need in various ways, like browsing through generic or branded drugs sections, or the categories, or the search. Not so much luck with the search feature for me.

I misspelled the name of the drug and though they don’t have it. So be careful when you type.

Placing an order and what to do if you need your medication urgently

Placing an order is simple as ABC. You won’t get lost, trust me. If you do, however, they have a 24/7/365 support service, which I used to ask them for a faster delivery. They said they will place my order on top of the orders list and ship it within the minimum amount of time. Still, they only have one delivery option that took 10 days.

Satisfaction with the service and prices

I would rate it 5 stars. It’s simple and fast. Besides, they have all kinds of meds, like Suminat for $4.70, Careprost for $11.91, A Ret Gel for $3.30, Modula for $0.70. My wife needed Asthalin HFA Inhaler, and we ordered it for only $4.55 together with my Suhagra for $0.47 per pill. also provide refill option, so it’s easy to get your drugs, when you run out. Didn’t find any drawbacks, so we will certainly order our meds here from now on.

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