April 24, 2017
May 3, 2017

Big Online Pharmacy Review

The problem of erectile dysfunction hit me about 2 years ago. As sexual problems were aggravating, so were my psychological ones. Lost confidence, gained weight and have been spending most days without a hint of a smile on my face.

I knew I needed help, and I dragged my revolving body to the doctor.

Starting the conversation was the most difficult part of that consultation. Then, everything went nice and smoothly and I got my prescription for Viagra.

Finishing the pack, I knew I needed another prescription… and found out my doctor retired.

Couldn’t go through telling another person I have problems in bed. So, had to search for methods of getting the drug without a prescription, and, of course, found one sure way.

Order delivery is in the business over 3 years already and I found lots of positive reviews about the high-level services they provide. First order was a nerve-wracking experience. Not sure if it arrives, and what if the pills don’t work, and what if someone sees I ordered Viagra. I almost felt sorry I did this step.

However, I got my order delivered in a very discreet package, so a sigh with relief was my first reaction.

Felt even more relieved when I took the pill that night and everything worked as it should, just like each time after I started using Viagra.

Good things I discovered about Big Online Pharmacy

Competitive Prices

This Internet drugstore offers a vast choice of brand and generic drugs, like Brand Viagra for $8.59, Viagra with Dapoxetine for $2.44, Viagra Soft for $1.39, Generic Viagra for $0.87, as well as Levitra for $1.69, Cialis for $0.65 and drugs for your entire family.

Whether it is diabetes, allergies or anything else you suffer from, you can get your drugs here and save some money, too.

Prices that offers its visitors are very competitive, compared to various online pharmacies.

Besides, their drug has proven to be effective. Of course, I needed to make sure they are before I proceeded with a large order.

When I found out the drugs work just the same way as the brand ones, I had not a slightest doubt about continuing to order from them.

Shipping and re-shipping options

I chose the express delivery for my order, which allowed tracking my order. Since I am not the most lucky guy in the world, even though it was tracked, they lost it somewhere on its way, and my large order never reached me.

I applied for the re-shipping, and re-shipped my order to me free of charge.

By the way, I got free pills samples and I could choose which ones I want them to add to my order.

Very nice bonus and who doesn’t like to get something for free?

I noticed I could also choose the currency for payment, so that’s a plus in my eyes, especially since they deliver worldwide.

Overall rating

To sum up the entire experience, I have to say that confirmed its reputation of one of the leading online drugstores by providing a 24/7 support by phone, offering competitive prices for high-quality generic and brand drugs, as well as providing a guaranteed delivery. Satisfied with the entire line, from first click on the website up to the effect I got from their Viagra the night I received my order.

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