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August 25, 2017
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August 26, 2017 Canadian Pharmacy Review

Even though online shopping became a constant element of our everyday life, we can never get experienced enough to figure out the truth about any online selling agent at the first glance.

If we consider the idea of buying our drugs online, we must be very thorough in our search for a reliable source of pharmaceutical products.

Accreditations from various specific organizations can boast off with their participation in several associations at once.

These include CIPA, MIPA and We never met a pharmacy that would have more certifications from professional organizations.

They are also licensed by the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba to distribute prescription medications. This fact even strengthened our decisiveness on buying our drugs here.

Safety of the drugs

While browsing through their website, we also found out that they work since 2001 and offer brand and generic meds from Canada, the UK, Australia and the New Zealand.

Since is certified by all the agencies we mentioned above, we can firmly say that despite the low prices they offer, their drugs are high-quality and safe.

Client oriented service proved to be very client oriented. We have checked their live chat, as well as the phone support service.

Very friendly, patient and helpful staff. Besides, when we were searching for a number to call, we found out they have a service for people with hearing impairment.

Our hat’s off to them for being so committed to help each and every customer get the drug he needs at lower prices.

Referrals Reward Program

A very limited amount of online pharmacies offers their customers a way to earn money, when they buy their drugs from them. offers each of us to take the advantage of their services and tell our friends about them. Ant this is where the magic begins.

Their program involves not just your friends, but also the friends of your friends. This one is definitely worth using.


You won’t have to search long for a drug you need, since they have divided the drugs in two categories, prescription and over the counter ones.

You also can use the search option at the top of the site, if you are sure you know how to spell correctly the name of your drug.

We needed Allegra 60 mg and easily found it in the over the counter products section. offers a very competitive price for Allegra of $0.79/tablet.

We took a look at their list of popular prescription drugs, and these are some prices they offer, just so you can see how much lower thy are, compared to the offers of your local pharmacies: Narcan for $142.33 per package, Naloxone Kit for $36, Celebrex generic for $1.77/capsule, Advair Diskus for $1.21/dose.

Placing an order

So, Allegra is the one we need, and we decided to check how we can place the order.

Here, you also have a choice of actions. You can order online or call them, or fill in the order form and send it to them via fax or mail.

We used the online variant, which is very simple and understandable.

As for the payment, we did encounter some problems, because they don’t accept all types of Credit Cards, so we used the direct debit from our bank account, which worked just fine.

Be sure to check if they accept the payment method you are planning to use.

Delivery provide a free shipping, so that’s another way they help you save on your drugs.

No additional charges, as well. Besides, if we needed our order urgently, we could call them anytime and solve the issue.

Our opinion

We received our order within the promised deadline and received a high-quality drug at a very low price. was committed to help us and make our experience as pleasant as possible.

We were looking for a superior quality service at a low cost and we managed to find it here.

It is an online drugstore that makes you feel secure, welcome and helps you save time and money for your treatment.

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