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August 26, 2017
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CanadaPharmacy.com Pharmacy Review

Why do people have to suffer from an illness for the only reason they can’t afford a drug. Nowadays, it is no longer a problem.

If you are going through a life-long or simply a long-lasting treatment course, which you can’t afford, take a look at the generic versions of the drug you were prescribed.

Generic versions are high-quality replicas of the brand drug, they contain the same active ingredient and provide the same effects.

So you don’t have to worry that you won’t get the requires dose or action duration.

The moment people realize generic drugs are the same as the brand ones, they no longer want to pay more.

So where do they get their generics?

First place to look for a high-quality tradename drug alternative is the online pharmacies. And you immediately get flooded with tons of variants for websites that sell drugs.

How to choose an online pharmacy you can trust

We were looking for a licensed online pharmacy, which is certified by any authoritative agency or organization. If a pharmacy gets such certification, means it does provide high quality drugs.

So we entered the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and chose a pharmacy from the list of those that have their certification.

Other reasons to trust CanadaPharmacy.com

We chose CanadaPharmacy.com and started digging deeper to make sure that we are going to order our medicine from a serious online drugstore.

One of signs that can tell you the business is real is its legal address.

If it has one, means it does have a brick and mortar representative and it’s not going to vanish once you place and pay for your order.

They also have a toll-free phone and fax, which you can use to get in touch, send or receive any information you need.

For example, if you need a prescription drug, you will have to send a copy of your prescription for this drug via fax.

In fact, the requirement to provide a prescription is another thing that makes us believe an online pharmacy is trustworthy.

They do take care about their reputation and won’t sell an RX drug to a person, to whom it might be contraindicated.

Reasonable Prices

Once we checked all the important aspects, it’s time to proceed with drugs selection.

Canadapharmacy.com has three categories of drugs that we can choose from.

Well, two mostly, if you are choosing a drug for yourself, since category 3 refers to pet medications.

We decided to check out the most popular medications they sell, and these are Viagra, Cialis, Propecia, Advair Diskus, and Celebrex.

Prices for these drugs will certainly make you happy, if you have been searching for them. Besides, Canadapharmacy.com gives you $5 discount coupon. Don’t miss it and use at checkout.

Buy Now, Pay Later

It’s the very first time we see an online drugstore offering such option for its customers.

It means you can buy your drugs now, and pay for them 30 days later. Thus, you can delay the moment of paying for your order.


It turned out that we could shift our order to the top of the queue of orders waiting to be shipped out.

We didn’t use it this time, since we were not in a hurry. The delivery took 13 days. Average duration, so we found it a normal time to wait for your online order.

The drug arrived in a discreet package, which was nice, because we forgot to mention we wanted it that way.

As for the costs, Canadapharmacy.com offers free shipping for life for just $50 paid once, shipping for a year for $20, and $10 for shipping, as you need it.

We paid 50 and will have our orders delivered for free till the rest of our life.

Save and earn at the same time

Despite all the discounts and offers, Canadapharmacy.com does have another way of helping its customers save money.

Check out their referral program.

Don’t forget to use all money-saving options and enjoy the positive experience you get when dealing with this online certified pharmacy.

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