August 27, 2017
Tips and Tricks for Online Shopping for Cialis
August 31, 2017 Pharmacy Review

In certain situations, people are perfectly right when they aim for a brand product, even if it costs more than its imitation.

Of course, when it comes to clothes, a cheaper piece of clothing means the manufacturer used cheaper fabrics and didn’t have the same garniture to make, for example, jeans fit as fine as the branded do.

When it comes to medicines, though, the situation is quite the opposite.

Generic drugs are cheaper not because their manufacturers use other ‘fabric’, but because they didn’t need to invest any money in the development and promotion of the drug, it’s a well-known fact.

So buying a cheaper generic drug means that you only save money and get the quality of the brand drug.


When we got our prescription with a list of 3 medicines that we will have to take several months, we knew we should do something to save some money, because the brand drugs are too expensive for our young family.

We decided to use the services of an online pharmacy and discovered

They only sell generic drugs and it’s fine with us, because we were looking namely for these.


If you need to find out the price for your medication, you can either search it by name, or find it be product categories, which is very handy if you can’t spell the name of the drug correctly. offers a huge range of various drugs for various conditions, so we were sure to find Clomid here, and we weren’t mistaken.

Since we needed the drug for long-term treatment, we chose the 90 pills variant.

We could get Clomid for $0.41. We also checked the Men’s health section, since this is another thing that needs treatment.

Prices turned to be very nice and we decided to immediately add an ED Discount pack. These are quite a convenient option for us, since it’s the first time we try it.


We managed to save over 40$ for Clomid and also got 10 free pills. Besides, the ED pack was also supplied with 10 free pills, so we didn’t get 30 pills for ED, but 40.

Very generous of to immediately provide gifts from the very first order.

Huge advantage

When we were ready to checkout and entered the shopping cart, we got even more excited.

First of all, provided us with a 5% discount coupon and we immediately got the discount for our order.

Besides, we noticed they offer a Re-order option, which also saves quite a lot of money.

Not only they provide the re-ordered drugs at a lower price by 15%, they also promise to remind us 1 week before we run out of stock of the fact that we need to refill.

I am sure, everybody forgets he needs to refill his supply from time to time. Well, makes sure you never forget.


We ordered the delivery via EMS and received our order in just 8 days. Very quickly and convenient.

However, there are other delivery options, so each can choose the one he prefers. We paid for the order via a credit card – also quickly and no problems.

Impressions fulfilled all our wishes and even managed to surprise us with various offers and discounts, not to mention low prices and fast delivery.

We are sure they will inform us 1 week before we run out of supply and we definitely will reorder our medications at an even lower price.

Well done,!

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