June 27, 2017
Propecia (Finasteride) for Prevent and Treat hair loss (Alopecia)
July 2, 2017 Pharmacy Review

When we get to the point where we need pharmaceutical treatment, we always face the same problem – money. Even those who can boast off with high salaries or huge bank accounts, won’t convince even themselves that they are ready to spend thousands of dollars to treat their disease.

This is true especially when we are talking about a disease that will persist for a very long time. We all want to live a long and happy life, and money are not the last thing that can help us see the world, develop our skills, get new education, etc.

We can change it all, if our treatment costs stop being the main element of our monthly budget expenses. It is possible thanks to online canadian pharmacies that offer generic alternatives to the brand drugs, which are many times cheaper than the latter.

In fact, internet drugstores can offer even brand drugs at prices a lot lower than your local pharmacy offers.

Offers of

The offers you are provided by can help you save a lot of money, and lots of customers already ensured themselves that it’s true. We decided to make sure it is the reality and browsed through their prices for most popular drugs they sell.

To say we were surprised is to say nothing. Just think of it, you can get Viagra for just $2.99 per pill, Cialis for $1.3 per pill, Levitra for $2.5 per pill, Advair Diskus for $29.7, Domperidone for $0.3 per pill, and so many other drugs at prices that won’t make your jaw drop to the floor.

Extra charges

That is correct. Any person who sees low prices, always thinks there is something in the middle and that he might be charged with some extra fees, which will minimize the difference between the original price and the discounted one. adheres to the principle of overall transparency, so you don’t have to worry they accidentally forget to include something in your order and sum it up later. We were charged $10 for the delivery, and nothing else on top.

Are the drugs they send effective?

Another reasonable question anyone would ask when they see the price differences. We also wondered if we will get the same effects as we usually get. Well, to tell the truth, the effects were exactly the same. As the doctors and pharmacists explain, generic drugs are produced with the same active substance they use to make the brand drugs, so no worries.

Is payment on a simple procedure?

What we found out while proceeding with our research of is the fact that they have a very helpful staff. So, if it happens that you have any question or encounter any issues you can easily dial the number provided and they will help you solve them all. did everything to let their customers get the best experience from buying their drugs online. We enjoyed our experience and the savings we manage to obtain.

Besides, the delivery came in quite quickly, in just 11 days, so we got absolutely no reasons to complain. Yet we got all the reasons to keep refilling our prescriptions with

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