Edema – Serious Medical Impairment and Ways to Improve It

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July 9, 2017
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August 22, 2017

Edema – Serious Medical Impairment and Ways to Improve It

Edema is more popular among people as swelling. Diverse body areas can swell as a result of inflammation and injury.

Once you have noticed significant body swelling, you need to consult a doctor in order to investigate underlying health complications, which triggered the problem.

The condition can affect both a small zone in the body, or the whole body. The issue can generally be caused by a wide range of various medical impairments and factors.

Particularly, the essence of edema is rather simple, since it specifies the process of small blood vessels leaking and increased fluid release into the tissues.

Consequently, the fluid builds up, making the tissue swell and ache.

Most Common Edema Causes

If you are currently experiencing the disorder and are trying to find its solution, you need to start with the reason of its occurrence.

Most commonly, the condition is activated by any of the underlying health disorders. Bee sting, skin infection, twisted ankle, as well as some more serious impairments can stimulate edema occurrence.

The main instances of such disorders are:

  • Kidney disorders can stimulate swelling around the organism or affect only its certain areas;
  • Liver impairments feature fluid retaining. Additionally, such complications can activate albumin reduction, which stimulate complex disorder;
  • Decreased range of albumin in the body. While albumin works as a sponge in the organism, keeping fluid within the blood vessels, its low levels can contribute to edema development;
  • Serious allergic reactions cause swelling. The blood vessels start leaking fluid in the infected area as a response to allergens;
  • Congestive heart failure and other heart disorders can activate the swelling in various sites of the body. The significant heart weakness and lower blood pumping ability can result in the fluid building up that activates leg swelling. Additionally, rapid build-up can lead to the lungs swelling and similar complications;
  • Illnesses. A number of dangerous infections, burns and other complications can lead to swelling appearance. Such disorders can trigger edema all around the body;
  • Medications, such as corticosteroids, NSAIDs, calcium channel blockers and others can cause swelling.

Symptoms of Edema Development

In most cases, edema occurs within the leg, but other parts of the body can also be affected. The signs of the disorder will depend on its severity and other factors. Thus, the main symptom of edema is swelling, which can be dangerous and sometimes even life-threatening.

Edema may occur within:

  • Legs;
  • Lungs;
  • Stomach;
  • Tongue;
  • Throat.

The condition can be accompanied by stinging, pain, heavy legs, breathing complications and other abnormalities.

Effective Medications to Overcome the Issue

Once you have experienced edema symptoms within any area of your body, you need to consult your medical specialist in order to learn its origin and reason of its occurrence. Edema treatment will depend largely on its type and severity.

First of all, striving to treat the disorder, a patient should improve underlying health complications. As long as the condition is improved, the signs of edema are likely to disappear without extra measures.

However, special medications are required to avoid fluid leaking within the body.

Depending on the condition, the issue can be treated with various medications, such as blood thinners for blood clots in the leg, water pills for liver-related abnormality, radiation and chemotherapy can be used in case if tumor blocks the lymph and blood.

Lasix is an approved and widely appreciated medication to eliminate edema symptoms. Belonging to a group of loop diuretics, the medication helps treat the disorder related to liver disorders, kidney problems and congestive heart failure.

Additionally, the drug can be taken for other purposes, though only after doctor’s permission.

Furosemide, being an active ingredient of the drug, helps to prevent excess body absorption of the salt. Instead, it is passed in the urine, so that you avoid swelling, pain and related disorders.