March 31, 2017

Illegal Accutane Isotretinoin

The US Food and Drugs Administration control the illegal sale of Accutane. It is highly popular among teenagers and young adults for its miraculous action to stop acne diseases.  But alongside with its medical properties it can pose a great risk to people’s health.

According to this belief the sale of Accutane is considered to be illegal, especially those drugs that have not been approved by FDA and are mislabeled versions of isotretinoin. Isotretinoin is an active ingredient in Accutane.

FDA tries to stop the sales companies which market unapproved version of Accutane treating to persecute them for cheating consumers.
Apart from Accutane which is taken in pills there is another version of the drug, gel version. It is applied directly to the areas of skin severely affected by acne. The gel Accutane cannot be bought in any of the US drugstores.

Thus any sale of gel Accuatne is illegal. Still people tend to buy it with foreign labeling through Internet. Of course, no prescription was necessary while purchasing the gel drug.
There is a special medical program which controls the production and marketing of Accutane.
After studying the effect on people’s health and especially on pregnant women the production and marketing of Accutane was strictly restricted and the number of customers who could buy it legally was to be lowered down.

Under this program only the limited number of doctors and physicians were allowed to prescribe Accutane.
Also there were other restrictive measures to secure consumers against pernicious influence of Accutane.
For example the time to buy the medicine after doctor’s prescription was limited and was reduced to several days. In addition the prescription had to have a special yellow sticker shoeing that the consumer is not pregnant.

Also, the most important point was to instruct the patient about the proper use and treatment regimen and to warn about terrible consequences in case of improper use of Accuatne.
By developing and implementing such programs FDA tries to protect consumers and patients from the illegal version of Accutane drug. Buying the foreign version of the drug online exposes people to a great danger.
In this situation Internet helps people to bypass the FDA protective program.

Recently it has been announced that Roche Pharmaceuticals, the Swiss company that manufactures Accutane, stopped production of this drug.
This action is explained by great controversies about its damaging side effects and health issues.
In addition there was a series of trial against Roche Pharmaceuticals which the manufacturing company has lost and was obliged to pay huge money to victims of Accutane’s side effects.

Of course this may be considered as great news for those who gave suffered from unexpected effects of this drug.
But also there are many other people who still try to buy Accutane illegally online because they cannot find any other drug which would be so effective in treating acne. In this case trying to find safer ways to treat acne is a great idea.

Among such may be herbal acne supplements, natural skin vitamins, change of diet and lifestyle and stress management, which often cause acne diseases. Taking more natural and not such effective drugs might also be helpful so why to pose yourself to such danger from the very beginning?