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May 4, 2017
May 15, 2017

Pharmacy-Online.com Pharmacy Review

Many of us live our lives like tomorrow never comes. Is it good or bad, I don’t know. What I do know is that I wasn’t ready to wake up one day and find out I have a condition that requires life-long treatment. Well, who can be prepared for such a turn?

I am not only talking about the idea of being not healthy. I am also talking about the high prices for the drugs. I was financially not prepared for my illness, and there is no one else to blame but me.

Still, we must go through a treatment, when we must. I didn’t turn into a wolf of wall street over a night. I started searching for ways of buying cheaper medications.

CIPA approved online pharmacy

If you want something done right, i.e. find a high-quality medicine, do it correctly. You need a trustworthy online pharmacy that is certified and approved by any serious authority.

I was looking through the members of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and chose Pharmacy-online.com that stands in the first column of their list of safe online pharmacies.

Deep dive into Pharmacy-online.com

Going from the top of the home page down, I immediately understood how simple and handy the design of the site is. They provided toll-free number for contact and their address. This immediately convinced me they are serious about the business.

You can also use the Live Chat option to ask your questions. Speaking of questions, I needed some advice on my meds, and gave them a phone call. They redirected me to a qualified pharmacist, who was very kind to answer each and every question I had.

Customer’s safety comes first

I was also asked about any allergies and drugs I am taking at the moment. He said he needed this information to make sure I will have no drug interaction symptoms or allergies, when I start using my prescribed drug.

I had to provide the prescription and my physician’s contact information.

Quality and delivery of the drugs

Now that is something I call a thorough approach. The pharmacist explained that they supply Canadian and International prescription drugs and have both branded and generic drug versions. Of course, I immediately decided on getting namely the generic versions, since they are A LOT cheaper than the branded ones.

If they have the same contents, what’s the use of paying more. I also chose regular shipping, which is absolutely free.

Well, if I needed my meds fast, I would have used the express shipping that Pharmacy-online.com also offers. Either way, I got my drug in 17 days, which I believe is quite a normal waiting time.

Through time of use, the drugs proven to provide the effect they should, so now I have convinced myself that Pharmacy-Online.com offers high-quality meds.

Important notes

During the ‘dive’, I discovered that Pharmacy-online.com provides several options for placing an order, i.e. via the order form on the site, via e-mail and by phone. Whichever you consider most convenient for you, no problem to use.


You can find all drug categories here. To name just those that are stated as the bestsellers, Advair Diskus for $1.13, Lipitor for $0.77/tablet, Celebrex for $1.77, Crestor for $1.59, etc. In addition to saving money, Pharmacy-online.com has a referral program.

It can help you earn cash back rewards, when you refer people to them.

To cut a long story short, I have to admit that Pharmacy-online.com is attractive on all its sides. It helped me feel calmer and believe that I will live long years and won’t have to fear I will not be able to afford my treatment one day.

Friendly and professional approach and high-quality drugs & service are the key advantages of this online drugstore.

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