April 2, 2017
April 19, 2017

Xanax for nicotine withdrawal anxiety

Within the course of life people develop various habits; some of them are good while others are bad.

Everybody is aware of the habits that are considered to be bad, such as smoking, for example. It is one of the habits we hear from early childhood about but still choose to smoke when we grow up.

However, most of the people realize at some point in their lives that they do not need to smoke and decide to quit the bad habit.

One of the things that make a bad habit bad is the addiction. Addiction has physiological and psychological aspects.

When a person is addicted it is not only the body that craves for one more cigarette but the mind too.

For many smokers cigarettes bring temporary relief and relaxation that their brain interprets as something positive. Smoking is highly addictive and that’s why it is harmful and destructive.

Addiction makes a human body mistake something that’s bad for it for something that’s good. Once the addiction is taking place neither the mind nor the body is able to positively identify the harmful effect smoking has on the person. In other words, the body is fooled by the addiction.

At the same time, just like any other habit, smoking is not easy to quit.

Everybody who has smoked at least one cigarette knows that smoking bring temporarily relief from stress and light euphoria.

However, this feeling does not last long, and furthermore, once the smoker stops smoking the whole body starts craving for more.

That’s what makes smoking a truly dangerous habit.
Therapists, doctors and various experts offer different remedies in order to help quit smoking.

People find courage and power of will and quit smoking but not everybody’s story is the story of success.

What makes quitting smoking even harder is the anxiety that appears once a smoker is left without cigarettes. In a moment of intense stress, all a smoker can think about is the soothing effect the cigarette has.
That’s why doctors recommend using anti-anxiety medications for the purposes of reducing anxiety during the process of quitting smoking.

When a smoker is at the stage of quitting, he or she will sooner or later experience the anxiety that this process causes.

That when drugs like Xanax helps greatly. Xanax, a very popular anti-anxiety medication helps to deal with anxiety and stress.

It relaxes the person by interfering with the chemicals in the human brain.

A drug like Xanax is exactly what many of the people who quit smoking need. For many men and women dealing with stress is the last drop that makes them have a one more cigarette.

That’s why Xanax has proven to be very successful.
Many people who have rejected smoking after they have been imprisoned by the habit have been highly satisfied with the influence Xanax has had on them.

They claim that this drug has helped them to say “no” to cigarettes once and for all.
Of course, not every smoker have been able to successfully quit smoking, even while on Xanax, but the statistics show that most have been able to achieve astonishing results.
Because Xanax helps to treat anxiety, fear and panic it is able to provide peace and relaxation during such a stressful process as quitting of smoking.