June 7, 2017
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June 7, 2017

Key Facts about Narcolepsy and Its Solutions

If you constantly feel sleepy during the day and in the evening, and this feeling does not depend on the night’s sleep or its lack, you need to consult a medical specialist and learn about narcolepsy and its other signs.

The disorder is called neurological, and it decreases an ability of a person to control wakefulness and sleep. The result of such an issue is excess daytime sleepiness and uncontrollable daytime episodes of falling asleep.

The symptoms of the disorder may appear at any time and during any activity.

Normally, the sleep cycle consists of three stages, including:

  • Early stage;
  • Deep sleep;
  • Ultimately rapid eye movement sleep.

People, affected by narcolepsy experience immediate occurrence of the last stage with muscle paralysis and dreams accompanying sleep. Generally, the condition bothers people aged 15-25, though it can reappear at any age.

The biggest problem about narcolepsy is poor diagnosing, thus, frequent instances of the condition are untreated.

The main consequences of poor issue treatment is aggravation of its symptoms and triggering other health complications.

That is why, it is inevitable to contact your medical specialist the moment you have noticed any disorders.

Symptoms, Causes and Other Information You Should Know about Narcolepsy

While the exact reason of the condition occurrence is not yet discovered, narcolepsy is considered to be a genetic issue, related to genetic disorders. Since genes are responsible for the brain chemical production control, their slightest disorders may activate unwanted changes in the awake and sleep cycles.

Besides, there is an opinion that excess sleepiness during the day can be stimulated by the lack of hypocretin in the brain. Other abnormalities related to brain and its functioning may contribute to narcolepsy development and spreading.

The symptoms of the disorder and their diversity and number can tell you about severity of the complication and require treatment.

Thus, the most frequently occurring signs include:

  • Abnormal daytime sleepiness. The symptom is probably the most devastating one, as it prevents a patient from normal fulfillment of routine tasks. Instead, a person has problems concentrating, energy disorders, depressed mood, exhaustion, memory impairments and related complications;
  • Hallucinations. This is another sign that disturbs patients with narcolepsy. It is commonly experienced as delusional episodes that are bright and commonly frightening. The condition usually presupposes visual images, though all the other senses can also be included;
  • Cataplexy. Being the synonym of excess weakness, the symptom features sudden and considerable elimination of muscle tone, which results in decrease of voluntary muscle control.
  • Slurred speech, strange movements and complete body collapse can be caused by the disorder, especially if a patient gets excited or experiences other strong emotions;
  • Sleep paralysis. These symptoms are rather short and can last from a few seconds to multiple minutes and occur only as you fall asleep or wake up. Once the episode is over, an ability to move, speak, as well as other body functions, gets restored.

Provigil as Leading Narcolepsy Treatment

Generally, the condition called narcolepsy is rather harmful, even though it is not dangerous for health. Additionally, the good news here is availability of various medications that are aimed at the condition treatment.

Provigil is a bright example of potential wakefulness promoting agents, which help you to stay awake all throughout the day without caffeine and extra issues.

Containing Modafinil as an active ingredient, the drug has a drastic impact on the organism that alters neurotransmitters, managing sleeping disorders and stimulating advanced brain control.

As a result, the medication is usually taken in order to treat narcolepsy, sleep apnea, shift work sleep disorders and related complications.

Being known on the pharmaceutical market as a “smart drug”, Provigil can stimulate the desirable narcolepsy treatment. However, the remedy is also widely used by healthy people, as the remedy boosts mental processes, increasing problem-solving capacity, decision-making ability and helps patients to concentrate and think creatively.

Thus, apart from proper sleep, you will get an opportunity to increase other cognition processes and stimulate brain functioning.

However, an important factor here is safety.

To experience these useful reactions and desirable effects, a patient should administer Provigil (Modafinil) in accordance with the instructions and all the other safety considerations.