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June 7, 2017
June 26, 2017

How to Quit Smoking Fast and Effectively

Being a teenager or a youngster, smoking still seems to be an issue that adds to your coolness and presentability. However, when you are a mature person, smoking can be a real challenge, as well as its quitting.

Having a few years of experience smoking, its sudden stopping can be difficult both physically and psychologically. Nevertheless, this devastating habit can lead to dangerous and sometimes life-threatening health complications.

Serious kidney impairments, lung disorders, heart-related abnormalities and a range of other medical conditions can occur as a result of constant smoking. Thus, it is inevitable to search for alternative ways to eliminate the problem.

Since the modern pharmaceutical market is quite well-developed, it is easy to find different medications that will help decrease physical and psychological dependence.

Their safe use can completely eliminate your desire to keep smoking. As a result, you will get rid of this aggravating habit, as well as those health risks imposed by smoking.

The choice of treatments is rich, but it is essential to discuss it with a qualified healthcare provider in order to take the maximal advantage of the therapy and avoid any complications.

Champix and Chantix are the examples of revolutionary drugs, which assist the process of quitting smoking.

According to the statistics, over 60% of people, who have used or are still using these drugs, managed to stop smoking and improve their health condition significantly.

Champix vs. Chantix: Selecting Top Medication for Rapid Results

Both medications are approved to be effective and quite safe, if used correctly. Additionally, they are reported to promote considerable changes and impressive results.

These treatments can assist you in giving up this habit without any complications, though it is vital to be extremely cautious while using these medications.

While a great number of people use different nicotine replacement supplements, you should pay due attention to Chantix and Champix as alternative variants of significant improvement.

The active ingredient of both remedies, Varenicline, is approved to be an effective non-nicotine component for smoking cessation.

The pharmaceuticals are available only with doctor’s prescription. Additionally, the drugs are offered in the form of pills, which make the medication easy to use.

Nevertheless, mind certain side effects and complications before using the drugs, since they may lead to significant problems and activate further health disorders.

Due to identical active components, the medications share safety considerations, such as contraindications, warnings, intake recommendations, precautions, drug interactions, side effects and others.

The key difference between the medications is their cost. While Chantix is a brand remedy, its price includes expenses related to brand advertisement, further medical researches and others.

Champix, at the same time, is its generic variant, which consists of the same ingredients, but can be purchased at a lower cost, as it is not produced by a brand manufacturer.

The quality of the remedy is guaranteed both by the producer and pharmacy releasing the medication, still some people may prefer the original variant.

Way Medications Affect the Body

Despite the difference in the way of production, both Chantix and Champix feature the same action produced on the organism. The active ingredients of the remedy interfere with brain receptors, which respond to nicotine.

Consequently, the pharmaceuticals help decrease mental and physical pleasure from smoking and reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms. The average duration of the treatment course, sufficient for the necessary effect, is 12 weeks. However, the term may vary, depending on the results you want to achieve.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Champix and Chantix Use

Being variants of the same active ingredient, Champix and Chantix also share pros and cons. Definitely, it is important to regard the cost issues, as well.

Still, the merits of the remedies remain the same and include:

  • Doubled chances to quit smoking successfully;
  • Simple to use;
  • Eliminated withdrawal reactions and prevents smoking cessations.

However, it is also important to mind possible abnormalities, triggered by the remedy.

They usually include a range of side effects, which start with depression, agitation, anxiety, nausea and vomiting, headache, sleeping problems and can aggravate up to life-threatening health complications.

A professional doctor may increase your chances to get top effects from Champix or Chantix intake.